Arnold Chan

Isometrix was set up in 1984 by Arnold Chan, an architect who trained at the Architectural Association. Isometrix has an innovative and versatile architectural approach to lighting design that distinguishes the company from the work of more traditional lighting engineers. By visualising the impact of light within a three dimensional space an integrated mix of lighting effects that enhance the sense of spatial flow within buildings’ interiors, Isometrix maximises the full potential of lighting as a creative tool. Now, through the combination of advanced lighting technology and especially through the use of colour, the expressive, emotive impact of our environments can be realised and fine-tuned at a highly sophisticated level.


Isometrix utilises equipment at the forefront of lighting technology, working with the leading manufacturers in specific areas of expertise and designing or adapting equipment to the exacting requirements of each particular project. This technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the marketplace benefits clients by achieving cost effective solutions for all their projects.