Lighting is never an afterthought introduced to solve a problem emerging at the end of a project, but a fundamental part of a three dimensional design process. It is lighting which ultimately provides a building with its unique and special identity.
The way a building works, feels and looks has much to do with how it is lit as the way it is planned, engineered, built, decorated and furnished. The role of a lighting designer is to help architects and interior designers create the optimum lighting conditions for their buildings and interiors. The lighting designer “fine-tunes” a building’s environment through the creative use of light, create efficient, focussed and beautiful spaces. The working relationship begins right at the beginning of a project, with collaboration continuing throughout all stages of the design and construction process.


Isometrix utilises equipment at the forefront of lighting technology, working with the leading manufacturers in specific areas of expertise and designing or adapting equipment to the exacting requirements of each particular project. This technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the marketplace benefits clients by achieving cost effective solutions for all their projects.