Isometrix were delighted to be a part of the lighting collaboration for the Antony Gormley Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Working directly with Antony, the design brief was to use daylight to maximum potential.  When daylight is not an option, to achieve homogeneous shadowless lighting throughout the exhibition that will allow the sculptures to shine without any light being shone directly on them.

The RA’s architecture and massive skylights were instrumental in achieving this goal but they were also the source for some of the project’s greatest challenges. Building a 156 sq meter skylight is a challenge in itself but making it completely comply with the brief, meant there were even more obstacles to overcome. The 13m x 12m custom built skylight (pictured above) for “Clearing VII ” allows natural light to flood the space during the day and evenly lights it up when daylight becomes insufficient. 

For other spaces, track lights with special optics were used to create wall washes that blend seemingly with natural light, tacitly engulfing the space in thousands of lumens of warm white light.

We are passionate about light and its ability to enhance the special flow of a building and we could go on writing about it indefinitely.   There are no amount of words or images that can truly describe the experience of the meeting of great architecture, good lighting and the work of an amazing artist such Antony Gormley.

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