We were very proud that our very own, Arnold Chan, was mentioned in Architectural Digest’s article: “The 14 most anticipated buildings of 2019” published back in December, last year.

We are even prouder now that the project is nearing completion and the team’s hard work will enable visitors to experience art in an environment where “the lighting system will adjust to fit the hue and/or mood of any given exhibition on view”. The experience will be further enhanced by the freedom “to view the art at any distance – column-free layout of the space – courtesy of the creative minds at Bonetti Kozerski Architecture”.

Link to the full article:

The 14 Most Anticipated Buildings of 2019

As 2018 nears an end and one year folds into the next, we at Architectural Digest are looking ahead to highlight those buildings we’re most excited about for 2019. Spanning cities from Taipei to Miami, these soon-to-be completed structures will surely impress architecture lovers as well as those who casually stroll by.